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Physical Activity Work Group Goals

The purpose of the Physical Activity work group is to increase rates of physical activity across the state to improve the well-being of all Missourians. This is accomplished by fostering engagement with organizations who are working to improve the built environment, increase opportunity for active transportation, promote physical activity in their sector/setting (ex. parks and recreation, schools, early care and education, etc.); and by coordinating efforts across MOCAN work groups.

Implement the Kansas City Physical Activity Plan as a model for communities across Missouri to establish their own physical activity plans.
  • Identify communities across the state interested in establishing a physical activity plan.
  • Support communities in establishing a physical activity plan.
  • Support communities in implementing their physical activity plan.
  • Share information and processes related to establishing physical activity plans in Kansas City and Joplin.
  • Create accessible websites and other outlets to share information related to physical activity plans for organizations and the general public.
Increase awareness of the MOCAN Physical Activity Work Group’s mission and goals to increase membership and engagement across the state.
  • Identify and engage with other organizations or agencies throughout the state.
  • Promote opportunities related to physical activity in the MOCAN monthly newsletter.
Advocate at the state level to support policies and practices that would result in increasing rates of physical activity.
  • Advocate for access to state-level data to measure the success to bring about more physical activity.
  • Advocate for the creation of a statewide physical activity plan.
  • Identify and compile state-level policies that support physical activity.
Coordinate across MOCAN work groups to support efforts to increase rates of physical activity.
  • Partner with the Healthcare Work Group to identify ways to increase assessment and counseling for physical activity.
  • Partner with other work groups to promote physical activity (specifics yet to be determined).

Contact the Physical Activity Work Group chairs to learn more:

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