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An apple (las manzanas) shelf talker in Spanish.Retailers participating in the Stock Healthy, Shop Healthy program can help their Spanish-speaking customers make the healthier choice by posting these shelf talkers to present information about various products in their stores. Most of these large shelf talkers describe how to select and store the products. The baked chips and the banana vs. candy bar shelf talkers combine health information with enticing marketing language encouraging customers to select the healthier choice.

Where to place shelf talkers: On shelf directly under healthy item pictured or mentioned.

Why these shelf talkers work: They provide information that may influence a customer’s buying decision.

Size: 5 by 6 inches; fold to 5 by 3 inches

Also available in English.

Healthy products

  • Las manzanas (apples)
  • Los aguacates (avocados)
  • Las papitas horneadas (baked chips)
  • Un plátano (o banana) comprar un chocolate (banana vs. candy bar)
  • Los plátanos (bananas)
  • Las bayas berries (berries)
  • Las frutas cítricas – naranjas, limones, limón verde (citrus fruits — oranges, lemons, limes)
  • Las lechugas, hojas verdes (lettuce and other leafy greens)
  • Los melones (melons)
  • Las cebollas (onions)
  • Las papas (potatoes)
  • Los tomates (tomatoes)
Publication No. DMS283