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Soybeans are made for Missouri. Few things grown, mined or manufactured in Missouri touch the lives of as many citizens as soybean.

Soybean is Missouri’s No. 1 crop in both number of acres and value. Each year more than 5 million acres of productive Missouri farmland are planted to soybean. This number is greater than the total acreage all other grain, fiber and vegetable crops.

The economic health of Missouri depends on its soybean crop. The annual, on-farm value of Missouri’s soybean crop is more than $2.5 billion.

Soybean is the world’s foremost producer of vegetable oil and vegetable protein. A bushel of soybean weighs 60 pounds. That bushel of soybean grain produces 11.3 pounds of vegetable oil and 45.0 pounds of high-protein meal. Examples of products made from soy oil are: cooking oil, margarine, biodiesel, printing ink and lecithin. The primary use of soy protein is animal feed, including pets. Soy protein is also used in tofu, infant formula, processed meats and building materials.

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Find resources for weather data and agricultural climate developments for crops.

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Drought, flood and wind resources

Get resources on flooding, drought and wind intensity with current conditions and outlooks that are affecting crop agriculture.

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Mizzou soybean resources

University of Missouri programs, resources, worksheets and newsletters relating to soybean. 

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MU Variety Testing Program

Selection of varieties that best fit a farmer's production goals and challenges is an essential part of profitable grain crop production. We provide the reliable, unbiased, up-to-date information that makes that selection possible.

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