Podcasting at MU Extension

Podcasting is a rising industry. Thinking of starting a podcast? Review the details below and contact imc@missouri.edu for more information.

Hosting accounts

Extension Podbean account

University of Missouri Extension uses PodBean.com for hosting podcasts. Please contact imc@missouri.edu before purchasing a paid account. Extension has a Network level account with PodBean. Our Network account can host multiple podcasts, including yours, for $4/month. Have your own login, support, intro page, and unlimited hosting.

Note: If you are under the B&C umbrella, please contact Sarah Rielley first.

Key options from PodBean:

  • Please contact imc@missouri.edu before purchasing a paid account.
  • You can distribute your podcast from PodBean to places like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and podcast apps to reach a larger audience.
  • We can embed a player directly on your webpage to capture a larger audience.
  • Stats are available for each podcast.
  • Video podcasting


  • You must indicate MU Extension branding on your podcast in a clear manner
  • You must indicate the producers of the content clearly on the podcast
  • Monetization is likely not allowed, but you could link to an MU giving page. An MU giving page gives the public a safe and authentic way to donate money to your podcast.


  • Familiar with audio equipment, but don’t have a studio? Extension has a sound booth. Contact imc@missouri.edu for more information.
  • Need to record from a Zoom call? You can download the audio from a recorded Zoom meeting, if your meeting settings are set correctly. Contact imc@missouri.edu for more information.
  • Your phone or iPad can record audio directly using the PodBean app.