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For plant diseases, insects, weed ID, home and commercial lawns: Use the Plant Disease Sample Form.

For digital samples: Use the Plant Disease Digital Sample Form.


Despite all of the care given, your plants may get sick for various reasons. The plant symptoms that you observe may be the result of many things. Accurate identification of the problem is the first step in developing an effective management plan to handle the issue. Many plant problems have similar symptoms, and as a result it can be difficult to diagnose plant problems with printed references or web-based information. Even an experienced diagnostician in a plant diagnostic clinic will often find it very difficult to confidently diagnose a plant problem from a photo or physical sample without first examining the sample under a microscope or using other sophisticated testing methods.

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By sending a quality sample along with a completed form you can be assured the clinic staff will have the material and background information necessary to make a quick and accurate diagnosis. The clinic handles all types of sample material ranging from home lawns, tree samples, vegetables, fruits, and flower gardens, houseplants, as well as commercial agronomic and horticultural crops. In addition to identifying the problem, the diagnostic clinic provides research-based management recommendations in a written report that can be mailed, emailed or faxed. Please include a submission form for each sample being sent. If sending multiple samples, place each sample in a separate plastic bag; including a separate submission form for EACH sample included in the package. Please use a pencil to fill out submission form to avoid any moisture damage (ink smears).

Have photos of the plants/insects? Great! Please attach photos to the submission form or email directly to [email protected].

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