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Pine Needle Scale

Peng Tian, Plant Diagnostic Clinic

Late March and April could be the best time to control Pine Needle Scale diseases and possible other trees and wood ornamental scale diseases.

pine needle scales

Morphology: Pine needle scale belongs to armored scale insect family. The adult females are covered with a wax covering (test) that rests tent-like over the body and not attached. The coverings are composed of molted skins, secretions, excretions, and wax. In contrast to the adult males, females are larger and wider at one end and have a yellow or orange cap on the other end. Both of them are normally immobile while the larva (crawlers or nymphs), orange to red in color, are very mobile and can migrate to different locations.

Host range and damage: This disease can affect many conifers such as pines, spruces, and furs across North America. It causes needle blight and twig dieback, reducing the vigor of the tree by weakening their health. Heavy infestations can result in branck diebak and the death of the entire tree.

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