• Photo of Holly Hocks leaf with yellow spots

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In preparation, you may want to complete a sample submission form prior to selecting this button.

Alternative payment methods, such as check or money order, can be sent to the clinic together with the sample and a completed sample submission form. Cash payment can only be accepted when the sample is dropped off at the clinic. PLEASE DON’T MAIL CASH TO US.

Do not select the "Customize order" button if you are using an alternative payment method.

Have photos of the plants/insects? Great! Please attach photos to this form or email directly to plantclinic@missouri.edu and reference the order number from your order confirmation .

Please carefully follow sample submission guidelines before the shipment.

Submit samples to:

University of Missouri Plant Diagnostic Clinic
Attn: Peng Tian
1100 University Ave.
28 Mumford Hall
Columbia, Missouri 65211