Missouri Master Naturalist

The Missouri Master Naturalist program is a community-based natural resource education and volunteer service program for adults, sponsored by the Missouri Department of Conservation and University of Missouri Extension. Its purpose is to develop a corps of well-informed volunteers to provide education, outreach and service dedicated to the beneficial management of natural resources and natural areas within their communities for the state of Missouri.

Missouri Master Naturalist volunteers support conservation efforts and natural resource education in their local communities.

The mission of Missouri Master Naturalist™ is to engage Missourians in the stewardship of our state's natural resources through science-based education and volunteer community service.

To become a Master Naturalist you will receive training and contribute volunteer service.

Annual Reports


Once you have received your training and completed your service, you'll become a certified Master Naturalist™. Each year following, you will complete eight hours of additional advanced training and contribute 40 hours of service to maintain your certification.

State program manual

The Missouri Master Naturalist Program Manual is a resource for conducting the Missouri Master Naturalist program. It contains an overview of the program including the Master Naturalist mission and objectives. It also includes the guidelines for the administration and operation of this volunteer program, including the requirements for certification, training and volunteer service. Guidelines for Chapter organization, the use of the program name and logo, and program marketing are also included. Chapter Advisors, officers, board members and volunteers should all be familiar with this manual.

Copies of the manual can be requested from the State Coordinators. We ask that you read this manual carefully and refer to it whenever questions arise.

State coordinators

  • Robert Pierce, Associate Extension Professor, MU Extension
  • Rebecca O’Hearn, Partner & Affiliate Volunteer Program Manager, Department of Conservation


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Boone County Dragonflyer Newsletter Archive

Boone County, Missouri Naturalist Dragonflyer Newsletter and meeting minutes 2016-2020 in a PDF format in a public Google Drive folder.

Boone's Lick Chapter

Columbia chapter of Missouri Master Naturalists.

CAFNR - College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

Through research and scholarly endeavors, CAFNR strives to discover and disseminate new knowledge, scientific information and innovations through formal and nonformal educational programs.