MU Master Gardeners 'Dreams' team grows love of gardening, education

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – University of Missouri Extension Master Gardeners of Greater Kansas City and Master Naturalists use gardening to teach students to grow healthy food and dream big. The Extension Master Gardener group, called Urban Green Dreams, works with Kansas City youths using Eating From the Garden, a research-based MU Extension program for fourth and fifth grade students.

MU Extension horticulturist searches for rare Ozark butterfly

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – University of Missouri Extension horticulturist Kelly McGowan is on the hunt for the elusive Ozark woodland swallowtail, a pollinator unique to the Ozark region of southern Missouri and northern Arkansas.

Hostas: Emperors of the Shade

COLUMBIA, Mo. —Few plants add more interest to shady areas than hostas.