Parent resources

4-H members benefit when their parents participate with them in 4-H and lend their support and encouragement. When a parent stays informed, they can help members attend meetings, keep project records, prepare for competitions, and become leaders in their club.

The best way for parents to be involved is to keep informed of happenings in both local and state level 4-H. All families enrolled in 4-H Online will be emailed a monthly state newsletter, and usually a county newsletter. Here are a few of the ways that 4-H Parents can help:

  • Register their youth in 4-H Online.
  • Communicate the time, place, and topic of the 4-H meetings and encourage youth to attend all meetings.
  • Provide meeting space for 4-H activities.
  • Provide refreshments.
  • Organize carpools for transportation to and from meetings.
  • Encourage their youth to start and complete projects.
  • Encourage their youth to participate in competitions, events, and special projects.
  • Financially help clubs and youth.

How do I enroll my child and register for events?

All Missouri 4-H youth members must register in 4-H Online. Review the help sheets below for assistance. If more help is required, contact your local Extension office.

4-H Online Login

Membership dues

Missouri 4-H charges $20 state dues and some counties may also charge nominal dues. 4-H member state dues include statewide 4-H blanket accident insurance coverage through American Income Life Special Risk Division for enrolled 4-H youth and enrolled 4-H volunteers (including horse project members and leaders) participating in adult supervised group 4-H sponsored events.

Healthy Blue Coverage for 4-H Membership Dues

Youth covered by MO Healthy Blue plans may be eligible to have their membership in one afterschool program or club paid by their insurance company. This includes membership fees for 4-H clubs!

  1. Call the Member Services number and request a prepaid card for each child. 1-833-388-1407 (TTY 711) Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST.
  2. Or, Log in to request the card(s).
  3. Pre-paid card(s) will be mailed to you to use for 4-H enrollment. Enter the card info as you would a credit card.
  4. The county Extension office will review and approve your membership which will then become active.

Do you need to register as a 4-H parent?

The only time that 4-H parents are required to register with Missouri 4-H is when they take on volunteer roles. This includes being a club leader or a chaperone.

Please see the Volunteer resources page for more information.

Volunteer resources

4-H Adult and Member Code of Conduct

The 4-H Adult & Member Code of Conduct policies protect youth, staff, volunteers, and you! All 4-H participants are expected to not only follow, but enforce these policies with members (and 4-H adults) while participating in 4-H programs and activities. Why? Your local 4-H group is directly connected to the federal government as 4H is the youth development program of our nation's Cooperative Extension System. Plus, the Code of Conduct protect youth and empowers them to THRIVE through Missouri 4-H. When you enroll in 4HOnline, you will be prompted to agree to and sign the 4-H Adult & Member Code of Conduct.