Publications and projects

Marketing Maple Syrup in Missouri guide (DM3036)

This publication highlights findings from a recent MU Extension study exploring maple syrup production in the lower Midwest, including interviews with Missouri producers and best practices for marketing products.

Building a stronger workforce for Missouri’s food, ag and forestry employers

MU Extension and the Missouri Agricultural Foundation conducted a workforce needs assessment to understand potential challenges within Missouri’s food, agriculture, and forestry industry. The assessment evaluated worker demand in four industries — agricultural producers, agricultural inputs and services, food and related products manufacturing and forestry products manufacturing.

The importance of off-farm income to the agricultural economy

CoBank’s Knowledge Exchange division partnered with Exceed to analyze the role of off-farm jobs in supporting our agricultural producers and rural communities. The report highlights the growing interdependence of rural and urban economies over the past several decades and demonstrates how critical off-farm jobs are to the income of farming households.

Meet the experts

Ryan Milhollin, PROF, AST EXTNS
Ryan Milhollin

Assistant Extension Professor, Agribusiness Management

Mallory Rahe
Mallory Rahe

Associate Extension Professor and Education Director for Agricultural Business and Policy Extension