Cooking Matters

Eating healthy doesn’t have to break the bank. Our Cooking Matters programs teach smart shopping strategies and healthy cooking skills that can help you prepare nutritious, low-cost meals and snacks at home.

Though all of our hands-on Cooking Matters programs offer nutrition information, handouts and recipes you can cook on a modest budget, we tailor our six-week courses to different ages and groups. Select the Cooking Matters course that’s right for you:

  • Cooking Matters for Adults
  • Cooking Matters for Families
  • Cooking Matters for Parents
  • Cooking Matters for Childcare Providers
  • Cooking Matters at Home

We also offer separate Cooking Matters at the Store tours that will help you get the most out of your food budget. Practice tips for effective comparison shopping, identifying healthy foods and affordable ways to make healthier food choices during this guided grocery store tour.

Join us to learn how to get the most nutrition you can out of a limited budget.
Note: The Cooking Matters program is for SNAP-eligible audiences only.

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