seniors walking together

In the United States, 88 million Americans have prediabetes. Because of this, CHEO is partnering with Cox Health in Monett, MO to implement the Diabetes Prevention Program, which is a CDC evidence-based lifestyle change program proven to prevent or delay Type 2 Diabetes. This program, also named Prevent T2 Monett, is facilitated by a trained lifestyle coach who provides education and support for the participants.

The program lasts for one year where participants learn how to change their lifestyle by increasing their physical activity, eating healthier foods, and losing 5-7% of their body weight. By achieving these goals, participants can reduce their risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes by 58%. The program offers support through the lifestyle coach and a friendly environment where the group works together to problem solve and achieve their health goals. Two cohorts have successfully completed the program in Monett, and the participants have found it very beneficial.

Features of the program include:

  • One-year program consisting of weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly classes that promote health, nutrition, physical activity, and weight loss.
  • Classes cover a variety of topics like eating well away, how to be more active, managing stress, getting enough sleep, and staying motivated.
  • A group experience where you can build rapport with other group members and the lifestyle coach and find people to collaborate with on your journey to health.
  • Additional activities with the weekly classes like walking groups, grocery store tours, and food demonstrations.