'Don't bag it' approach can make lawn mowing easier

COLUMBIA, Mo. - You can save yourself some yardwork this year and do your lawn a favor by not bagging those grass clippings you mow, said a University of Missouri Extension turf scientist. "Grass clippings do not have to be removed to have a healthy, vigorous lawn," said Brad Fresenburg. "With a few simple steps, you can have a beautiful lawn without collecting your grass clippings."

Growing sweet peppers

COLUMBIA, Mo. – The colorful sweet pepper is the Christmas ornament of the vegetable garden, bearing fruit that ranges from red, orange, yellow and white to purple and chocolate black. Growing A member of the nightshade family, the sweet pepper is a relative of potato and tomato. Like its cousins, it is easy to establish if started using plants rather than seeds. It can’t tolerate cool weather, so wait until the danger of frost has…