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Course Description

The lessons learned from decades of experience form the basis of this School Nurse Orientation. This course offers an introduction to the multifaceted role of the school nurse and covers all the essential information new school nurses need to know, from theory and practices to assisting students with special healthcare needs to running a good health office. 

Developed by experienced school nurses and pediatric specialists, the course leverages the expertise and experience of several storied and outstanding careers. It features modules on the unique role of the Specialty Practice of School Nursing, Health Office Management, Students with Special Healthcare Needs, and Health Promotion, Disease Prevention, and Screening. This course is an invaluable asset for new school nurses or school nurses-to-be, ensuring the highest quality of care in their educational communities. 

Course Overview

Module 1: Introduction to the Specialty Practice of School Nursing
Module 2: Health Office Management
Module 3: Students with Special Health Care Needs
Module 4: Health Promotion Disease Prevention and Screening



Accessibility Statement

We all learn differently, and we want every learner to succeed. University of Missouri Extension complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. If you have a disability and need accommodations in connection with this course, or you need materials in an alternate format, please notify your instructor as soon as possible so that necessary arrangements can be made.

Language access services, such as interpretation or translation of vital information, will be provided free of charge to limited English proficient individuals upon request. All requests must be made a minimum of 14 days before course start date. MU Extension will attempt to implement late requests but cannot guarantee they will be met. 

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