Heatstroke can kill quickly in hot cars

COLUMBIA, Mo. – When the news has another tragic story about a child accidentally left in a hot car, parents might believe they could never make a mistake like that. “It’s not just negligent parents or indifferent caregivers. When juggling the demands of work, parenting and daily life, it’s easier than you might think to make a simple but fatal mistake,” says Karen Funkenbusch, University of Missouri Extension health and safety…

Severe-weather resources from MU Extension

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Strong market results in strong bull sale in Springfield

STOCKTON, Mo. – There was a strong showing at the Southwest Missouri All Breeds Performance Test Bull Sale on March 25 at the Springfield Livestock Marketing Center in Springfield, says Patrick Davis, University of Missouri Extension livestock field specialist.

“Missouri’s Most Engaged Neighbors” Announced as Part of Missouri Good Neighbor Week Awards

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Twelve Missourians have been chosen for statewide recognition as “Missouri’s Most Engaged Neighbor” for 2023 as part of the planned activities for Missouri Good Neighbor Week (Sept. 28 to Oct. 4). Sixty-two people were nominated for recognition as one of Missouri's most engaged neighbors. Each of them received an acknowledgment letter and gift by mail.

Best Acts of Neighboring Announced from Missouri Good Neighbor Week 2023

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – The Second Annual Missouri Good Neighbor Week (Sept. 28 to Oct. 4) was a documented success. Organizers had a goal to document 15,000 acts of neighboring. But instead, Missourians reported 19,752 acts of neighboring during the week.

Partnership helps southern Missouri landowner stave off feral hogs

SALEM, Mo. – If anything is worse than a pasture rooted up by feral hogs, it’s a pasture that dries and hardens after hogs leave damaged areas the size of tractor tires.Freddie Leroux’s damaged pastures need to be repaired and reseeded. He waits for soaking rains to soften the ground so he can smooth out ruts.

Missouri Good Neighbor Week Gains Momentum in 2023, Blows Past Goal

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Missourians from all walks of life celebrated the first Missouri Good Neighbor Week (Sept. 28 to Oct. 4) by doing and reporting neighboring acts and nominating others as the most engaged neighbors in their respective counties. For the second year, University of Missouri Extension and The Hopeful Neighborhood Project teamed up to sponsor the week across Missouri.

Drought meetings offered in SW Missouri Aug. 4

GALENA, Mo. – Poor forage stands carried over from last year’s drought, lower hay yields, less fertilizer used and a drought again for 2023 have created major uncertainty in the Missouri beef industry.These challenges will affect livestock producers preparing to feed cattle this winter with little forage and hay on hand, says Tim Schnakenberg, a University of Missouri Extension agronomy specialist based in Galena.

Things to consider as you feed your way through the drought

“Cattle producers are dealing with varying degrees of drought and forage resources,” says Patrick Davis MU Extension livestock field specialist. Some cattle producers have received adequate rain and are recovering from the 2022 drought through rebuilding forage and cattle resources. Other cattle producers have received limited rain and are continuing to deal with drought conditions from 2022 with less resources in 2023.

Missouri SBDC continues to “Elevate” second-stage businesses

This spring, five Missouri small businesses began the journey to grow beyond the second stage. Through the Missouri Small Business Development Center’s (SBDC’s) Elevate program, these five business owners, at no cost to them, are gaining knowledge from various experts that most small-business owners rarely have access to.

Missouri Good Neighbor Week named Program of the Year at Neighborhoods USA conference

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – David Burton, a community development specialist with University of Missouri Extension, returned from the 48th annual Neighborhoods USA (NUSA) conference in El Paso, Texas, May 24-28, with the Best Neighborhood Program award. This year's conference drew more than 625 people from 34 states and featured educational workshops, speakers, tours, networking opportunities and an awards program.

Ozark Empire Fair Hay Show call for entries

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Now that hay season is in full swing, it is a good time to pull hay samples for entry in the Ozark Empire Fair Hay Show in Springfield, says University of Missouri Extension agronomy specialist Tim Schnakenberg.Entry deadline is July 17. To enter, contact the nearest MU Extension specialist. They are available to help pull the core samples from the 10-bale entry.

Convoy of Hope partners with MU Extension on new weather station

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – A new automated weather station in Greene County will help southwestern Missouri’s agriculture community make decisions to improve production.The real-time weather station is a collaboration between University of Missouri Extension and Convoy of Hope, a faith-based organization based in Springfield. The station is on Convoy of Hope property between Springfield and Republic.

Flood-related resources from MU Extension

News releases, publications and more.  News releases

Get Out and See 4th Annual Lawn Art With Neighbors (LAWN) Showcase in Springfield area, April 22 – May 7

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Springfield’s original public art exhibition, Lawn Art With Neighbors (LAWN), kicked off on April 22 and this year we have 20 participating addresses. In its fourth year, LAWN has also grown to include Raleigh, North Carolina with other cities nationwide also inquiring about the program. LAWN is a public art opportunity accessible to all community members and all art forms.

Goal of Turquoise Tables Is To Create Gathering Spot for Neighbors

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Getting to know your neighbors may be as easy as getting a picnic table, painting it turquoise, and creating a neighborhood gathering spot in your front yard. Sounds a bit crazy, but according to David Burton, a University of Missouri Extension community development specialist, the turquoise table movement that began in 2018 is still going strong nationwide.

4-H Feeding Missouri grants awarded by Missouri Farmers Care Foundation

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Seventeen Missouri 4-H clubs have been awarded 2023 4-H Feeding Missouri grants through the Missouri Farmers Care Foundation. This is the fourth year the Foundation has provided grants for Missouri 4-H clubs to fund local food security efforts.

Avoid applying nitrogen to tall fescue pastures in spring

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Livestock producers can learn how to reduce toxins that damage performance and profits during the March 23 Alliance for Grassland Renewal workshop in Mount Vernon, Missouri.University of Missouri Extension state forage specialist Craig Roberts says ergot alkaloids in Kentucky 31 tall fescue begin to increase about mid-April in Missouri. Tall fescue is the state’s main cool-season grass.

Cheap hay isn't cheap

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Squatty, squishy bales are making their way out of the ditch and into the cow pasture as post-drought supplies dwindle and winter lingers.Bad bales are costly in many ways, says Derrell Peel, Oklahoma State University Extension agribusiness livestock specialist. Peel spoke at the 39th annual Southwest Missouri Forage Conference sponsored by University of Missouri Extension and others.

Registration open for fescue workshop

MOUNT VERNON, Mo. – Registration remains open for the March 23 Alliance for Grassland Renewal workshop at the University of Missouri Southwest Research Center in Mount Vernon.The one-day workshop brings nationally known experts on toxic tall fescue to Missouri. They will tell how to renovate toxic tall fescue pastures and integrate novel fescue varieties into grazing systems, says Gene Schmitz, MU Extension field specialist in…

Create and Exhibit Public Art as Part of Lawn Art With Neighbors (LAWN) April 22 – May 7

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- The fourth annual Lawn Art With Neighbors (LAWN) Exhibition is the perfect opportunity to create a public art display for your neighbors to enjoy, or to create something with your neighbors to enhance where you live. The 2023 version of Lawn Art With Neighbors (LAWN) is set for April 22 to May 7. LAWN is a public art opportunity accessible to all community members and all art forms.

Free workshops to aid family succession planning

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Free farm succession planning workshops from University of Missouri Extension can help Missourians guide their family farming businesses to the next generation. To help families start the succession planning process and initiate communication, MU Extension will hold Preparing for Farm Succession Planning workshops across the state in March. Six workshops will be in-person events and one will be held online via Zoom.

SW Missouri forage conference is Feb. 21 in Springfield

The 39th annual Southwest Missouri Spring Forage Conference is set for Tuesday, Feb. 21, at the Oasis Hotel and Convention Center, 2546 N. Glenstone Ave., Springfield.“As farmers and livestock grazers continue to deal with drought conditions and high input costs, the conference planning committee has themed the 2023 conference ‘Doing More With Less,’” said Patrick Davis, a University of Missouri Extension livestock specialist Patrick…

Workshop tells how and why to renovate tall fescue pastures

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Forage and beef producers can learn from world-renowned forage experts the how and why of renovating toxic tall fescue pastures at a March 23 workshop in Mount Vernon, Missouri.

Best Selling Author Joins Neighboring 101 on Feb. 16

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- How would you react if your neighbors died in a murder-suicide and you realized that you did not know their names? Then you discover none of your neighbors knew their names. Would you have feelings of guilt, wondering if you could have made a difference? Would you have feelings of anger toward other neighbors for not being involved? Or would you be motivated to make a change?

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