Essentials of Effective Supervision (12-week program)

February 13, 2024 - May 7, 2024In-personSpringfieldMO

The 12-week Essentials of Effective Supervision course provides a strong knowledge base for first-line supervisors, managers and team leaders. This series is designed to provide new supervisors, and those aspiring to become supervisors, with a unique blend of knowledge, skills and strategies in…

Springfield Interfaith Forum - 2024 Series

April 11, 2024 - November 14, 2024In-personSpringfieldMO

Learn about other faiths that exist in the Ozarks and gain understanding by listening and working together. How can faith groups work together to make Springfield a better place to live as neighbors. This session will be co-moderated by Steve Berkwitz and Deanna Carpenter

The Brain and the Disease of Addiction (BDA)

April 22, 2024In-personAvaMO

Addiction (Substance Use Disorders) are a major public health concern in the United States. Nearly 43 million Americans 12 years of age or older are affected by this treatable, chronic medical disease. Approximately 23 million are in recovery and another 20 million are in active addiction.

Showcasing Your Professional Superpowers: A Workshop for Administrative Professionals

April 23, 2024Virtual

Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day by unveiling your professional superpowers. Delve into sessions tailored to your unique role, including effective communication, resilience-building, and personal brand enhancement. Harness your triumphs and elevate your skills for a successful future…

Coaching & Mentoring to Accelerate Potential

April 23, 2024In-personSpringfieldMO

Coaching can close the gap between acceptable and superior performance. Attend this seminar to learn the skills that professional coaches use to cultivate responsibility, innovation, energy, and commitment. This seminar will equip you with coaching and mentoring methods that will transform a…

Spring Lamb Management

April 23, 2024Virtual

Spring lambing coincides with the forage growing season. This gives producers the opportunity to take maximum advantage of the increased body weight gain attained from lambs grazing spring forages. This webinar session will provide insight on management practices of spring-born lambs from birth…

Spring Pasture Walk

April 23, 2024In-personDoraMO

Join MU Extension livestock specialist, Elizabeth Picking, and Agronomy specialist, Dr. Sarah Kenyon, for a pasture walk on April 23rd. We will tour Picking Ranch, walk the pastures and talk about how to identify and manage different spring weeds and forages. We will also see a demo of how…

MidWest “Path to Prosperity” Regional Economic Development Series in Maryville, MO

April 24, 2024HybridMaryvilleMO

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), and the Small Business Administration (SBA) have partnered to present a series of regional events across America entitled, “Path to Prosperity”.  The no-cost series features experts in the banking…

New Extension Council Member Onboarding

April 26, 2024In-personSpringfieldMO

This training will provide information about serving a County Extension Council member for those new to Extension Council in 2024. 

Cost: Free

Contact: Sarah Havens, havenss@missouri.…

Focus on Kids: Greene County Parent Education (31st Circuit)

April 29, 2024In-personSpringfieldMO

Focus on Kids is a workshop to help divorced and separated parents learn how to nurture and support their children through the divorce process and to help parents who are living apart develop ways to work together effectively as co-parents. Focus on Kids satisfies…

Practical Advice from Successful Farmers

April 29, 2024 - May 30, 2024Virtual

Join MU and LU Extension, along with Webb City Farmers Market, for a conversation with successful farmers on farming practices that work!  The evening workshops will include a recorded presentation by the participating farmers, followed by a live question and answer session with the participant…

Dynamic Communications Skills & Strategies

April 30, 2024In-personSpringfieldMO

Learn to communicate in a manner that builds trust, teamwork and consensus. Develop key skills that result in two-way communication which is critical to a participative management style. Examine obstacles to effective communication and learn to facilitate supportive communication with diverse…

Credit as an Asset - Bolivar

April 30, 2024In-personBolivarMO

Achieving your financial goals is dependent on having a strong credit profile and high credit score. This interactive credit as an asset workshop is designed to help you learn more about building and improving your credit profile so that you can achieve your financial goals.

Childcare Program: Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts

April 30, 2024Virtual

Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts is an interactive session that enables participants to identify stereotypes while building confidence and skills to speak up when they encounter biased comments. Learn six key strategies for communication recovery skills to communicate respectively in this diverse…

Becoming a Better Borrower - Bolivar

April 30, 2024In-personBolivarMO

The Missouri Small Business Development Center (SBDC), the Polk County Economic Development Partnership, and the New Growth Women's Business Center will host a workshop for new and existing businesses focused on facilitating access to capital for your new or existing small business. Krishin…

Incurred Cost Submissions / Contract Briefs

May 1, 2024Virtual

The National APEX Accelerator Alliance (NAPEX) and the Missouri APEX Accelerator are excited to announce the upcoming DCAA Cost Reimbursable Requirements Series.  Part 1 of the Cost Reimbursable Requirements Series includes Incurred Cost Submissions and Contract Briefs. 

Government Contracting: What You Need to Know

May 3, 2024In-personSpringfieldMO

Government Contracting may be a critical tool for growing your small business and increasing your bottom line. Join us to hear from state and federal contracting experts. Participants will learn the potential benefits of participating in government contracting. Certification programs will be…

Nurturing Accountability in Virtual Workspaces

May 7, 2024Virtual

Elevate employee engagement and productivity through modern accountability strategies. Learn to set clear expectations, provide continuous feedback, and empower employees to take ownership of their performance. Explore technology-driven tools and virtual communication techniques that align with…

Management Intensive Grazing School - Appleton City, MO

May 7, 2024 - May 9, 2024In-personAppleton CityMO

Efficient forage management and utilization is important to the profitability of a livestock operation.  The best way to promote efficient forage management and utilization in a livestock operation is by incorporating management intensive grazing practices.  To educate livestock producers on…

Small Business Certifications for Federal, State & Local Government Contracts

May 8, 2024Virtual

This virtual seminar is an overview of the current small business socio-economic certifications in federal, local state and city government.  The federal government spends over $500 billion in goods and services each year, and 23% of this spend is set aside for small…

Conducting Effective Internal Investigations

May 8, 2024In-personSpringfieldMO

Your step-by-step guide to conducting a thorough, legally compliant internal investigation. Supervisors, Managers and HR professionals need to know the proper strategies and techniques to investigate workplace situations in a timely, unbiased manner. A proper investigation can be your number one…

Fall Prevention 101

May 9, 2024In-personBransonMO

Join us at the newly public Library Center of the Ozarks for a special presentation all about preventing falls. Nutrition and Health Specialist with MU Extension, Jenni Nevatt, will talk about common causes of falls and how to avoid them. She’ll share simple ways to stay safe and steady on your…

Mental Health First Aid for Youth - Online - Community

May 14, 2024Virtual

Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA) gives you the skills you need to reach out and provide initial support to youth who may be developing a mental health or substance use challenge and help connect them to the appropriate care. This evidence-based training will teach you how to apply the ALGEE…

Optimizing Workplace Safety through Threat Assessment Processes

May 14, 2024In-personSpringfieldMO

Every organization should have a response team, made up of the company's safety and security stakeholders. This can include business leaders from HR, Safety, Security, Risk Management, Facilities, IT, and those that have responsibilities connected to the safety, security, and well-being of the…

Credit as an Asset - Buffalo

May 14, 2024In-personBuffaloMO

Achieving your financial goals is dependent on having a strong credit profile and high credit score. This interactive credit as an asset workshop is designed to help you learn more about building and improving your credit profile so that you can achieve your financial goals.

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