Shooting sports

Member shows off medals and ribbons from the National 4-H shooting sports competition

Shooting sports is by far our most popular project. It offers several disciplines including air rifle, .22 rifle, archery, shotgun, .22 pistol and more. Members learn gun-handling, safety, and the fundamentals of target shooting under the guidance of 4-H certified project leaders. There are many opportunities with 4-H shooting sports including local and state contests, as well as trying out for the state team that competes at the national contest. For more information about 4-H shooting sports in Cedar County, contact the County Shooting Sports Coordinator listed below.

Countywide 4-H shooting sports project leaders:

  • County Shooting Sports Coordinator: Stacy Wosoba, 417-876-0234
  • Archery: Darren Adams, Craig Carpenter, Kurt Strauch, Aaron Wosoba
  • Air Pistol and Small Bore (.22) Pistol: Jarrod Schiereck, Aaron Wosoba
  • Air Rifle and Small Bore (.22) Rifle: Terry Costello, Stacy Wosoba, Jarrod Schiereck
  • Shotgun: Terry Costello, Mark Beason, Bob Lawson
  • Safety Course: Stacy Wosoba

State 4-H Shooting Sports

Livestock judging

In livestock judging, members learn to evaluate animals, judge them like a pro and justify decisions based on sound knowledge. Members work as individuals and as a team.

Online judging resources

There are lots of new educational resources online to assist livestock project leaders in providing educational opportunities for youth under their direction. One such resource is online 4-H livestock judging. By using videos instead of text and photos, youth and adults are able to see livestock in motion. These videos can be accessed at any time with just a computer and an internet connection.

Mike Anderson, a 4-H animal science extension specialist at Iowa State University, has developed a series of online livestock judging videos and tutorials. This is an ongoing project for Mike and new videos are still being added. They are a great starting point because they are contemporary, user friendly and less intimidating to new judges or younger youth then some of the videos available in the past. They are a great length for younger viewers too. All you have to do is register to use them so you can be notified as new videos are posted! These videos can be accessed at:

Sample oral reasons:
Market Steer
Breeding Heifer
Market Hog
Breeding Gilt
Market Lamb
Breeding Ewes

Other resources:

Giving oral livestock judging reasons (PDF)
Judging 101
The Judging Connection
Utah State Extension livestock judging classes

State 4-H Livestock Judging

Horse project

The horse project is divided into two areas of interest, Horseless Horse/Horse Knowledge or Horse Riding. Members can enroll into one or both. 

Hippology members test their knowledge of equine-related subject matter in a competitive setting.

Horse Bowl team members answer quiz-bowl style questions.

State 4-H Horse Events