TCD quarantine information

TCD is not federally regulated, but be aware that individual states have enacted state-level or county-level quarantines restricting the movement of untreated walnut materials of all kinds.


Download a PDF of this map.

In Missouri, all walnut nursery stock, budwood, scionwood, green lumber, firewood and other living or dead plant material from those states where TCD has been confirmed is now prohibited in Missouri. This includes logs, stumps, roots, branches and composted and uncomposted chips.

Exceptions to this quarantine include nuts; kernels; hulls; bark-free, kiln-dried lumber with square edges; and finished wood products without bark, including walnut furniture, instruments and gunstock.

Any plant material or articles transported into Missouri in violation of the quarantine might be destroyed or returned to the point of origin. Penalties will be imposed on carriers of regulated material.

The Missouri Department of Agriculture thousand cankers disease walnut exterior quarantine (PDF).


This map identifies states included in the Missouri thousand cankers disease exterior quarantine. Download a PDF of this map.