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Cover of the Native Forage guide depicting grazing cows.Missouri Department of Conservation
Missouri Quail Forever
MFA Inc.
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
MDC/MU Extension Native Grass Group

Learn the benefits of using native forages in your grazing operation. Adding a diversity of native warm-season grasses as a component to a grazing system that already features cool-season grasses creates a forage system that allows livestock producers to utilize high-quality forages for a greater duration of the year, including for summer grazing and as a potential hay crop. In addition, native forages provide opportunities to improve wildlife habitat on your property.


  • Benefits of using native forage
  • Establishing native forage
  • Grazing systems
  • Haying native forage
  • Incorporating native grasses into your operation
  • Native warm-season grass mix
  • Wildlife habitat benefits


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Publication No. MX451