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CoverThis is the core manual for Missouri's Pesticide Applicator Training Program. This program prepares commercial pesticide applicators for certification tests given by the Missouri Department of Agriculture. This manual includes much information about the effects of pesticides and how to ensure that they can continue to be used for the benefit of society with a minimum of risk to either people or the environment.

Missouri's Pesticide Applicator Training program is a cooperative effort among MU Extension, MU and the Missouri departments of Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources.

MU pesticide applicator training
State of Missouri pesticide examination schedule


  • Emergency response, incident response
  • Environmental concerns
  • Federal pesticide laws and regulations
  • Harmful effects of pesticides
  • Integrated pest management
  • Mixing, loading and applying pesticides
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Pesticide application planning
  • Pesticide applicaiton procedures
  • Pesticide application training
  • Pesticide disposal
  • Pesticide formulations
  • Pesticide hazards and first aid
  • Pesticide labeling
  • Pesticide security
  • Pesticide storage
  • Pesticide transportation


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