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Lawn and gardenDonna Aufdenberg
Horticulture Specialist

Sarah Denkler
Horticulture Specialist

Kate Kammler
Horticulture Specialist

The From Seed to Harvest and Beyond: Garden Journal and Calendar is a garden journal for all Missouri gardeners, including Missouri Master Gardeners, as well as a how-to guide and information resource. It provides a place to keep all gardening information, plans and notes together.

Keeping a garden journal is a great way to organize and keep track of the how, when, where and what of the gardening season. Writing down your thoughts, successes, failures, needed improvements and new ideas as the gardening season progresses is easier than struggling to remember them several months after the season has ended. Many gardeners believe the keys to successful gardening are to get your plans on paper first and to keep records. This journal allows a gardener to do this.

What this journal contains

  • Graphs for sketching and planning the basic vegetable garden and landscape areas to make it easier to plan for the current garden season as well as seasons to come.
  • Calendars without dates so this journal can be used any year. Each monthly calendar is paired with a page of tips and reminders of what to do in the garden during that month.
  • Plenty of space for recording your thoughts and noting garden successes and needed plant improvements.
  • Forms for recording seed and plant buying information, seed starting, flowers blooming, and pest control methods.
  • Information pages that will help to guide you in the gardening season, and a glossary of garden terms.
  • An index of MU Extension gardening guides.


  • Attracting beneficial insects
  • Compost
  • Container gardening
  • Crop rotation planner
  • Disease control
  • Fall gardening tips
  • Flower garden planning
  • Garden fertility
  • Gardening with children
  • Gardening tips
  • Garden plot plan
  • Garden term glossary
  • Harvest calendar
  • Indoor seed starting
  • Insect control
  • Monthly gardening calendar
  • Mulch
  • Organic matter
  • Outdoor seed planting
  • Pest control
  • Pest diagnostics
  • Plant hardiness zone
  • Planting calendar
  • Plant propagation
  • Soil amendment
  • Soil preparation
  • Soil testing


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