Editor’s note
The following abstract describes a publication that is part of the Ballard Local Government Series

Judith I. Stallmann
Professor of Community Development Extension
Agricultural and Applied Economics, Rural Sociology and Public Affairs

James Rossi
Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics

A gift in honor of the contributions of Dr. Curtis Bracheler contributed to this project. Dr. James Ahrenholz established the gift.

This electronic workbook (XLSX) enables Missouri third class counties to analyze county fiscal trends from 1996 to 2017. A county can carry out a study of its own budget and fiscal trends and performance to identify factors contributing to fiscal stress and to consider actions it may want to take. The workbook also allows a county to benchmark itself against a set standard, its own past performance or the record of another county as a gauge of fiscal performance. This workbook requires MS Excel 2007 or newer.

For more information about using this workbook read MU Extension publication DM4010, Missouri’s Third Class County Budget Trend Analysis: Workbook User’s Manual.