What is Taking Care of You?

Taking Care of You is a multisession program offering practical strategies and experiences to help you deal with the stress in your life. Managing life’s challenges in a healthy way allows you to take better care of yourself and your overall health. Each week you will explore topics through small group discussion, self-reflection and activities. Activities of the program are aimed at increasing mindfulness, positive emotions, optimism, resiliency to stress, coping skills and self-care of your mind, body and spirit.

Is this like a therapy session?

No. Taking Care of You is meant to teach you how to manage the stressors in your life, and is not meant to replace or act in the place of a professional therapist or therapy session. Please contact a licensed professional counselor if you feel you cannot cope with your stress levels.

How long are the classes?

Taking Care of You is broken down into four two-hour sessions, or eight one-hour sessions.

Who can take this class?

Anyone! This program is great for adults of all ages, backgrounds and stress levels. Everyone has some type of stress in his or her life, and together we learn what technique works best for us.

What is the cost of the program?

Cost will vary depending on class location. Please contact your local Taking Care of You instructor to learn more about pricing in your area.