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Stress Management and the Challenge of Balance


Lisa Wallace
Regional Specialist, Human Development and Family Science

If you think you don't have satisfactory balance in your life, you're not alone. One of the most stressful parts of life is balancing work and family. Stress is often the unhealthy result of those efforts.

Challenges and Choices: Family Health


Gail R. Carlson
State Health Education Specialist

Most women capably juggle their many responsibilities as long as everyone stays healthy. However, when a family member becomes ill, women are faced with that dreaded decision, "Do I stay home or do I go to work?" For many women this becomes a no-win situation.

Challenges and Choices: Emotional Well-Being—Women’s Self-Esteem


Karen DeBord
Department of Human Development and Family Studies

Self-esteem is how you feel about yourself. It is an image you create. This is not just one image, but many images. How do you see yourself in your many roles?

Step back and take a look at yourself from a distance by answering the questions in the chart below.

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