This program utilizes three pieces of equipment: a chair, hand weights and adjustable ankle weights. We do not use exercise balls, exercise bands, machines or barbells. SSSH-Level 2 uses an exercise mat as well.

Yes, all equipment is available for use where your class is held.

Some of the exercises may not be appropriate for individuals with medical conditions. Any potential participant with a medical condition is highly encouraged to obtain physician consent before starting this program. SSSH instructors can help you obtain the consent, if you need it. This program does not replace the recommendations, advice or services of physicians.

Wear comfortable, loose-fitting pants and shirt, along with sturdy, closed-toe walking shoes. Bring a water bottle and towel to use in some exercises.

SSSH is safe for all who are physically ready to engage in strength training exercise, provided you have completed the physician authorization process, as recommended before beginning the exercise program. The instructor will work with you individually to meet your needs.

We do not ask people to grunt, strain or be in pain. The program is designed to encourage you to safely challenge yourself through incremental increases in volume and intensity. You probably will experience sensations of muscle fatigue during the strengthening exercises, and muscle-stretching sensations during the stretching exercises. You also may experience mild to moderate muscle soreness after each course. Muscle soreness is a sensation that indicates improved muscle strength, but may also be uncomfortable. This light to moderate sensation of soreness is safe; however, if the soreness lasts longer than two to three days, your body is indicating that it needs rest to repair tissue.

You will meet for one hour twice per week for eight weeks. The classes consist of a warmup, strength exercises and a cool-down. The exercises are designed to build strength gradually. During the first few exercise classes, you’ll focus on proper form and learning the movements in a slow and controlled manner. You’ll add weight to the routine, as well as adaptations to increase difficulty when you are ready.

SSSH is not designed to be a weight-loss, therapy or aerobics course, but, as you become more active and adopt other healthy habits, you may lose weight.