The Missouri Rice Research and Merchandising Council funds multiple rice cultivar trials each year. In choosing a rice cultivar to grow, many aspects must be considered. Select cultivars with a proven track record for high, consistent yields. Examine cultivars over multiple locations and several years. Cultivars yielding high with little history should be grown in small quantities. Milling quality is also an important factor since it determines price. Cultivars with lower milling quality should offset lower price by increased yield, or come with an additional premium if a cultivar is adapted for a specialized use.

Though disease occurrence is less common and widespread in the Missouri Bootheel than in other states, such as Arkansas, field history should be followed to place resistant cultivars accordingly if disease has occurred. Sheath blight can be managed by avoiding excess nitrogen application and/or timely fungicide application. Blast is more likely to establish in fields where the flood is not maintained or under furrow irrigated rice management practices. Timely fungicide applications can also limit damage incurred from blast.

2022 Missouri Cultivar Trial Results (PDF)

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