How much do your services cost?

We offer packages that are priced based on the size of your group and your type of needs. With our experience in arranging conferences, we can save your organization/department time and resources by being available as needed and focusing solely on conference planning, instead of adding to your workload. Meet with us to discuss your needs and select from our menu of services.

What types of events do you manage?

We provide registration services and coordinate conferences with an educational component for University of Missouri departments as well as all types of institutions, non-profits, government agencies, professional associations and youth leadership programs. They can be for all sizes of groups and over any length of time. We do not, however, organize social activities, fundraisers, banquets and tours that are not a part of a conference.

Do you only provide these services for events held on campus?

No. We can work with you to provide services for events held in Columbia, statewide, nationally, internationally and also virtually (PDF).

When should we get started?

It is important that we meet with you as early as possible to determine your needs, target audience, program and estimated budget. Most importantly, use our expertise in contract negotiations and processing prior to signing any contracts. We are also pleased to make suggestions and offer advice if you want to host an event. Let us help you put together a bid proposal or request for proposal (RFP). Contact us today.