The University of Missouri has adopted the continuing education unit (CEU) as a method of recording participation in selected noncredit educational programs. The recording of this information allows the preparation of certificates and the maintenance of cumulative CEU transcripts for participants.

The definition of a noncredit educational program for which these policies apply is any University of Missouri sponsored educational event. The event may be completed in either one day or in a series of experiences.

The educational content and methods of all noncredit educational programs must be approved by an appropriate academic unit.

The academic unit approving the course offered determines the number of CEUs awarded. One CEU is equivalent to 10 contact hours of participation in an activity and may be awarded in tenths of a unit (e.g., 10 contact hours = 1.0; 11=1.1).

At minimum, a completed University of Missouri Non-Credit Project Approval form must be provided to the MU Conference Office; however each unit may require additional information as they deem necessary. The Non-Credit Approval form may be submitted via email communication from the appropriate individuals given authority to approve CEUs.

It is essential that a documented approval for each program be maintained by the administrative unit for review upon request. This approval should have the appropriate academic and administrative unit approvals.

The unit responsible for a noncredit educational program will decide whether or not a participant has qualified for CEUs. That unit must maintain a roster of those participants who qualify for CEUs and the number of CEUs awarded to each. The roster must include the participants full name, home or office address and email address.

All CEUs awarded must be entered into the MU Extension database to be official. A roster of participants and CEUs awarded will be provided to the MU Conference Office, who will enter this information. A processing fee will be charged for non-MU Extension units who are not using the registration services of the MU Conference Office for this specific event or training. Digital award certificates will be emailed to the recipients of CEUs unless the unit does not wish them to be issued. Physical certificates can be requested at an additional fee.