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    Club Leader Resources

    Club leaders need a lot of information to make a club run smoothly. Please use our Club Leader Kit Table of Contents to make finding what you need easier. This PDF has a listing of the documents you most need, and links to easily download them.

    Club Leader Kit (PDF)

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    Project Leader Resources

    Project leaders need information and forms that are not related to a content area. Please use the Project Leader Kit Table of Contents to find these items quickly. This PDF has a listing of documents and links to access them quickly.

    Project Leader Kit (PDF)

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    Club Officer Materials

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    County 4-H Council Resources

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    4-H on Canvas

    Canvas is an online learning system that allows us to create modules for multiple project areas in one place. Project areas will have videos, lesson plans and opportunities to connect on discussion boards to extend our project learning beyond our face-to-face meetings.

    This additional format will:

    • Supplement what you are doing locally
    • Fill in when project leaders can't be found
    • Allow meeting to happen if you cannot gather


    • Videos
    • Lesson Plans
    • Discussion Boards

    One profile covers everyone in your household!

    For use by members and volunteers!

    Set up ONE profile for your entire household for $5.00 to access ALL project areas. Scholarship funds may be requested.

    Sign up here

    This course can be used by club leaders, project leaders and 4-H members alike. If clubs or project groups would like to establish their own groups within the course, please email the Missouri 4-H Canvas Manager at [email protected] to do so. Please note if you do not create your own group, what you post will be shared with Missouri 4-H Statewide within this course. This course is not intended to be mandatory, rather an alternative method for project meetings/resources if and when necessary.

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