Resources for Educators

We know that you want to be a fantastic teacher. To do that, you need quality resources that spark your student's imagination. The problem is these resources are hard to find and expensive. This makes you feel frustrated and unsure of how you are going to get it all done.

At Missouri 4-H, we understand your frustration which is why we have compiled research-based educational resources and matched them to the Missouri State Learning Standards for you. This means you can stop spending hours at night researching ideas and instead spend time with your family.

Projects and Resources

4-H has many different project topics that are appropriate for youth ages 8 to 18. We also have resources for our Clover Kids — youth ages 5 to 7.

Explore projects

You will want to download a free copy of our Missouri Learning Standards for 4-H Curriculum. This is a work in progress and lists our curriculums, the activities in each, and the Missouri Learning Standards tied to each.

Free MLS Booklet (PDF)

Find more resources by signing up for 4-H on Canvas. Canvas is an online learning system that allows us to create modules for multiple project areas in one place. Project areas will have videos, lesson plans and opportunities for discussion boards.

4-H Programs at School

Did you know that 4-H can bring programming directly to your classroom? Many 4-H experiences are held inside school hours or in after-school clubs. For more information about how to bring any of these programs to you, please contact your local 4-H Specialist.

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4-H SNAC - Student Nutrition Advisory Council Successful 4-H SNAC Clubs fulfill the following goals:
  • SNAC Clubs focus on projects including nutrition, gardening, and/or physical activity. Recommended curriculum includes Kids in the Kitchen, Eating from the Garden, Soccer for Success, iCook, and Illinois Junior Chef.
  • SNAC Club members will engage in a culminating youth-led advocacy project to promote healthy habits in their community and/or teach younger youth about healthy habits.
  • SNAC Club will reach a new 4-H audience such as an in-school or after-school site.
  • SNAC Clubs incorporate leadership and citizenship skills central to 4-H.

Embryology with Missouri 4-H Embryology, Grades 2-5
  • This curriculum brings action and experience to the classroom, using a still-air incubator. Students observe the development of the chick in the egg, hatching and post-hatch care.
Embryology, Grades 6-8
  • This curriculum provides you with background information and exciting experiential life science activities for use in your classroom. Each activity is grade-level appropriate and has been correlated to National Science Education Standards.

4-H Youth Futures: College Within Reach

4-H Youth Futures: College Within Reach is an extensive college orientation program that promotes college as an attainable goal for high school youth who may not necessarily consider college as an option, such as first-generation college students. The goal of this program is to help youth prepare, enroll and graduate from college.

Components of the program

  • Mentoring — Youth Futures provides yearlong mentoring on the local level by staff and volunteers to provide continuous support throughout the preparation process.
  • Parent sessions — are held throughout the year to equip parents with the skills needed to help their youth.
  • Conferences — The Youth Futures Conference helps youth learn about academic programs, student life activities and college survival skills. Participants also learn about financial assistance and receive resources and information regarding campus life and college guidance. Residing in college residence halls, attending workshops and participating in MU, LU and community activities provides youth the experiences they need to prepare for and be successful in college. A practice ACT test is administered to prepare youth for this important step toward college enrollment. Other mini conferences are also offered throughout the year, such as the Rising Seniors Weekend and the Transitioning Seniors Conference.

4-H Youth Futures: College Within Reach SPIN Club

The Youth Futures program was such a success, we have created a Youth Futures SPIN Club curriculum, which can be easily completed within 6-8 school hours. Target audience: ages 14-18

Youth and their families will:

  • Look into higher education options, the steps necessary to enroll in college, and what can be done now to prepare.
  • Learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and transition from high school to college.
  • Explore possible majors and career options while touring local colleges.
  • Learn about financial aid options and get tips on navigating FASFA.
  • Discuss college expectations and how to transition from high school to a college or trade school setting.

Juntos: For better education

Juntos™ 4-H is a program that helps mainly Latino youth (grades 8-12) and their families gain the knowledge and skills they need to bridge the gap between high school and higher education. The program was first developed by North Carolina State University in 2007. Missouri 4-H is offering Juntos 4-H in various locations around the state.

Juntos 4-H, which translates to "together," provides students and families with:

  • Family engagement: high school and middle school workshops, family nights and events.
  • Juntos 4-H Clubs: focused on academics, tutoring, life-skill activities, and community service.
  • Juntos One-On-One Success Coaching/Mentoring: adults help youth achieve their goals.
  • Summer Programs: Summer Academy, local 4-H summer programs and other local events.

Programs are available to English and Spanish-speaking students through certified trainers in partnership school and community locations across Missouri.