Career pathways

Do you have a dream career, but you're unsure how to make it a reality? Trying to decide what field or profession is a good fit with your abilities?

4-H lets you try a wide variety of new things, explore interests, and gain skills and confidence. As you grow with 4-H, you can narrow in on areas of greatest interest, and pursue opportunities that lead you down a pathway to your chosen career!

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      CP100 Career Explorations

      Target audience: Senior (age 14-18)

      • Identify how your skills and interests tie in to career choices
      • Find and land an internship
      • Identify college degrees and training you will need for your career
      • Build a portfolio of career skills and abilities
      • Explore entrepreneurship as a career option
      • Learn how to search and apply for jobs, create a resume, and nail that interview


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      CP200 Juntos

      Target audience: Grades 8-12

      Juntos™ 4-H is a program that helps Latino youth and their families gain the knowledge and skills they need to bridge the gap between high school and higher education. The program was first developed by North Carolina State University in 2007. Missouri 4-H is offering Juntos 4-H in various districts around the state.

      • Family engagement: high school and middle school workshops, family nights and events
      • Juntos 4-H Clubs: focused on academics, tutoring, life-skill activities, and community service
      • Summer programs: Summer Academy, local 4-H summer programs and other local events

      Programs are available to English and Spanish-speaking students through certified trainers in partnership school and community locations across Missouri.

      To locate a Juntos program near you, email Donna Garcia at [email protected]

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      CP300 Youth Futures

      Target audience: Ages 14-18

      Youth and their families will:

      • Look into higher education options, the steps necessary to enroll in college, and what can be done now to prepare
      • Learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and transition from high school to college
      • Explore possible majors and career options while touring local colleges
      • Learn about financial aid options and get tips on navigating FASFA
      • Discuss college expectations and how to transition from high school to a college or trade school setting

      Important note for leaders: Contact your 4-H to become trained and receive the Youth Futures curriculum. This could be done as a SPIN Club, as a project in a Community Club, or in an in-school or afterschool setting.

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      4-H Youth Futures

      Nationally recognized "college within reach" program engaging students in orientation, mentoring, and summer youth conference

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      4-H SPIN Clubs

      Organizations and communities can partner with 4-H to offer young people short-term (special interest) experiences in career exploration and readiness

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      MyPI Missouri

      The MyPI Missouri program is for teens ages 13–19 to better prepare their communities, their families, and themselves for responding to emergencies. MyPI participants team up with teens and adult instructors to learn hands-on disaster preparedness, fire safety and suppression, treatment of injuries, light search and rescue, disaster psychology, and more!

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