4-H Youth Futures - College Within Reach

Through a generous grant from Anthem Foundation, the Missouri 4 H Foundation offers mini-grants of $500 or more to implement 4-H Youth Futures SPIN Clubs across the state.

Successful 4-H Youth Futures SPIN Clubs fulfill the following goals:

  • 4-H Youth Futures SPIN Clubs will offer a six-week college and career readiness program for Missouri youth.
  • 4-H Youth Futures SPIN Clubs will allow youth to begin learning about higher education options; the steps necessary to enroll in college and what they can do now to prepare; how to maintain a healthy lifestyle; and exploring possible majors and career options.
  • 4-H Youth Futures SPIN Clubs will offer local college tours for youth participants and fun and educational family nights to get the entire family involved in the college and career readiness process.
  • 4-H Youth Futures SPIN Clubs introduce SPIN Club participants to the year-round 4-H Youth Futures programming efforts and Youth Futures summer conference in order to enhance the workforce development efforts for the state of Missouri.

Funds can support the following:

  • Curriculum for YF SPIN Club such as copy costs, marketing materials, software.
  • Materials for YF SPIN Club such as backpacks, usb drives, or 4-H T-shirts.
  • Travel costs for YF SPIN Club such as faculty and staff travel, transportation/meals for local college tours.
  • Materials for YF family nights such as food and refreshments.

How to request funds:

In order to be considered for a Youth Futures SPIN Club mini-grant, applications must:

  1. Be completed using the online Qualtrics YF SPIN Club mini-grant application.
  2. Be signed by a 4-H youth specialist or YPA responsible for the county or region from which the proposal is submitted.
  3. If grant is awarded, 4-H faculty/staff must submit a summary report form of what was accomplished using the mini-grant, the number of youth and adults that participated, and 1-2 photos of club with photo authorization.

How to submit a summary:

Within 30 days of project completion, email your mini-grant report to Kellie Seals. Please include photos, news articles and printed materials.

Mini-Grant Report Form (DOC)


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