The following publications cover topics related to Irrigation. For a complete list of MU Extension publications, visit the main Publications page.

Corn (Irrigated) Planning Budget


Use this crop enterprise budget as a guide to estimate your production costs and returns when growing corn in Missouri under irrigation.

Forage Crop Irrigation Systems and Economics


Before choosing a forage irrigation system to mitigate drought risk, explore expected forage response to irrigation, equipment options and the economics.

Guidelines for Producing Rice Using Furrow Irrigation


Gene Stevens
Extension Professor, Agronomy

Johanna Nelson
Research/Lab Technician, Plant Sciences

Jim Heiser
Senior Research Associate, Plant Sciences

Water Source Development for Irrigation Systems


Joseph Zulovich
Extension Agricultural Engineer
Commercial Agriculture Program

Bob Broz
Extension Water Quality Specialist

Ryan Milhollin
Agricultural Economist
Commercial Agriculture Program

Crop Water Use Program for Irrigation


Water is an important factor that can affect crop yields. University of Missouri Extension developed an online application to help farmers produce higher crop yields by improving irrigation management.

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