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Agriculture is an important and diverse industry in the state of Missouri, accounting for an estimated $88 billion in total sales. Two recent studies have explored opportunities to increase the value of the manufacturing portion of the broader agricultural economy.

Teconomy Partners LLC identified investments to potentially expand Missouri value added agricultural and food manufacturing sales from $45 billion to $70 billion. The study was the first phase in the Show-Me-State Food, Beverage and Forest Products Manufacturing Initiative.

Released in February 2019 with input from the College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources, along with 21 additional partners such as Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe and the Missouri Department of Agriculture, the study (PDF) identified three recommendations for agricultural expansion:

  • Enhance regional and local food systems
  • Expand Missouri's research, development and production of healthful foods
  • Advance value-added processing activities for major Missouri commodities, such as livestock, soybean, corn, dairy and eggs.

During the fall of 2020, the Show-Me Food, Beverage and Forest Products Manufacturing task force published a second study titled Show-Me Food, Beverage and Forest Products Manufacturing Initiative Report to the Governor (PDF). This updated report used listening sessions held across the state to gather input and provide a roadmap for how Missourians can strategically invest in expanding the value of the state’s agricultural and forestry resources.

As the Show-Me-State Food, Beverage and Forest Products Manufacturing Initiative progresses, MU Extension will play a pivotal role in training Missourians interested in growing or starting a new agriculture business.

A possible path forward

Dr. Scott Brown talks about a possible way forward for the initiative in this 33-minute video.

Meet the experts

Scott Brown

Associate Extension Professor

Robert Kallenbach
Rob Kallenbach

Associate Dean of Extension and Senior Program Director of Agriculture and Environment Extension

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Mallory Rahe

Associate Extension Professor and Education Director for Agricultural Business and Policy Extension