MU Extension to host free Tri-County Economic Summit in SW Missouri

University of Missouri Extension will host a Regional Economic Development Summit for Barry, Dade and Lawrence counties Tuesday, Sept. 3, at the MU Southwest Research, Extension and Education Center in Mount Vernon.

Bringing internet access to Missouri’s least-connected counties

Shannon and Carter counties in southeastern Missouri have some of the worst broadband coverage in the state. Local stakeholders say that means communities in the two counties are cut off from essential health, education and employment resources. That is about to change. A $191,038 grant will help the two counties develop a comprehensive broadband adoption plan, says Alison Copeland, University of Missouri System deputy chief engagement…

With key caveats, it's a job hunter's market for years to come

COLUMBIA, Mo. – It’s still a job hunter’s market out there, but landing the right position may be harder than it looks in 2024, according to University of Missouri researchers. An aging population and slow-growing labor force give workers the advantage as they seek jobs. There are currently 10 job openings in Missouri for every six unemployed workers, said Alan Spell, assistant extension professor of community and regional economics…

Survey will help guide state broadband efforts

COLUMBIA, Mo. – You can help guide broadband development efforts in your community by completing a short, anonymous online survey for the Missouri Office of Broadband Development. The survey, conducted by University of Missouri Extension, is at

Show-Me MO Success podcast: Empowering women in politics

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Closing the gender gap in civic representation is the focus of the latest episode of “Show-Me MO Success,” a podcast from University of Missouri Business and Community Extension.

Long COVID in workers could be a challenge for Missouri employers

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Missourians report higher rates of disability and long COVID than the U.S. average, according to a study brief by University of Missouri Extension. Long COVID – ongoing health problems that last months or more following infection with the COVID-19 virus – could be keeping 2 million to 4 million U.S. workers out of the workforce. The brief, “COVID-19 and Paid Leave,” is available for download at

Off-farm income crucial to many ag producers

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Farm households increasingly rely on off-farm income. A report from University of Missouri Extension notes that, on average, 82% of farm household income comes from outside the farm. More than half of the principal operators of farms have primary jobs off the farm, said Alan Spell, MU assistant extension professor and a co-author of the report.

Report shows how broadband adoption will help grow rural economies

COLUMBIA, Mo. – A recent analysis shows how expansion and adoption of internet services in three northwestern Missouri counties could help grow their economies in the decade ahead.

More Missouri workers commuting to jobs outside their counties

COLUMBIA, Mo. – While the past two years have fueled growth in remote work, most workers in Missouri still commute to their jobs. And some are opting for longer commutes: A new report from University of Missouri Extension shows that more workers in the state are commuting to jobs outside their home counties compared to 20 years ago. 

Creating Entrepreneurial Communities: Promoting community revitalization through entrepreneurship

HANNIBAL, Mo. – Last September, more than 70 people gathered in Hannibal for the 2021 Creating Entrepreneurial Communities conference.

Health entrepreneurship could boost access to care

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Missouri ranks below the national average in many key measures related to health and access to health care, especially in rural parts of the state.  A new report from University of Missouri Extension suggests that “health entrepreneurship” might be one solution to the state’s shortage of care providers.

New broadband technology tested in rural Clinton County

COLUMBIA, Mo. – The village of Turney in Clinton County celebrated the launch of experimental wireless broadband service Sept. 17. The pilot project is designed to test the potential of a technology called RF Over Fiber to reduce costs, expand broadband access to underserved communities and attract public and private investment.

Helping communities become digitally connected

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Adoption of broadband has the potential to boost a community’s economic growth and quality of life. But in much of Missouri, especially rural areas, the high-bandwidth wirelines to connect households and businesses don’t exist.

Growing a food hub and community at the same time

Work as a corporate paralegal brought Erica Williams up against issues of disinvestment in North St. Louis County that began to “bother my spirit,” Williams said. “There was a loss of investment in jobs, community, places to find healthy food — a loss of hope in the region — and lots of vacant land and buildings. I thought, ‘Let’s get something going here!’”

Missouri EATs helps communities strengthen local food systems

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Clinton County selected to test new broadband technology

A small town in northwestern Missouri is one of seven communities in the nation testing experimental technology that could expand rural access to high-speed internet and the opportunities that can bring. Missouri University of Science and Technology is leading a team that has been awarded a one-year, $300,000 grant through the technology nonprofit US Ignite’s Project OVERCOME.

What will it take to help small towns survive?

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Many small Missouri towns – perhaps most -- need new businesses and improvements in their downtown area, according to David Burton, county engagement specialist with University of Missouri Extension.  "One key is going to be rethinking how we do things," said Burton. "I just read 'The Total Town Makeover' by Andrew McCrea. He encourages communities to rethink business, community, and homes in small-town America…

Study maps future workforce demands of state’s No. 1 economic driver: agriculture industries

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Over the next decade, Missouri’s food, agriculture and forestry industries are projected to generate 13,000 job openings each year. Deliberate statewide planning and action will ensure a globally competitive workforce for employers in these industries that are foundational to Missouri’s economy.

MU hosts webinar to help farmers markets confront COVID-19 challenges

COLUMBIA, Mo. – As summer approaches, Missouri’s estimated 240 farmers markets are struggling with how they will comply with COVID-19-related restrictions. Regarded by many as vital and vibrant community hubs, farmers markets will need to rethink how to work with their vendors and still serve a public hungry for locally grown food.