The following publications cover topics related to Veterinary Extension and Continuing Education. For a complete list of MU Extension publications, visit the main Publications page.

Theileria orientalis: An Emerging Cattle Disease in Missouri


Learn about Theileria orientalis (Ikeda genotype), a protozoal organism that primarily effects cattle and is relatively new in the U.S. This guide covers transmission, disease stages, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention and control.

Guidance for Industry No. 263: Transition of Remaining Over-the-Counter Antibiotics to Prescription Status


Craig A. Payne, DVM, MS
Associate Extension Professor
Veterinary Medical Extension and Continuing Education

Pamela Adkins, DVM, MS, PhD, DACVIM
Assistant Professor
Food Animal Medicine and Surgery

Control of Anaplasmosis in Missouri


Craig Payne
Director, Veterinary Extension and Continuing Education

Dairy Grazing: Reproduction


Dairy producers, learn about the cow’s reproductive structure and its more critical hormones, plus various ways to get cows and heifers pregnant in this University of Missouri Extension guide.

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