As part of the College of Veterinary Medicine, the MU Extension Veterinary Medical Education and Continuing Education program provides learning opportunities for practicing veterinarians and the general public. The objective is to increase the professional competence of veterinarians by providing the latest information available in order to improve the quality of veterinary medicine.

male vet with cattle and digital tablet in barn

Continuing professional education activities include articles in newsletters, guide sheets, conferences, seminars, lectures and short courses. A mid-career program is conducted to offer in-depth individualized training in special areas to practicing veterinarians or veterinarians changing their focus.

Veterinary Extension and Continuing Education works with Extension colleagues throughout Missouri to acquaint owners of food producing and companion animals with current medical services and principles of preventive medicine. Information regarding disease problems is presented to animal owners and allied interest groups in several ways, including phone consultation, field investigative visits, seminars and newsletters. Group meetings on general subjects are requested by, or scheduled through, area and state extension specialists. Participants are encouraged to ask questions and to relate their experiences and problems. Local practicing veterinarians also are invited to attend and participate in these programs.

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