• The MU CARES All Things Missouri website has a variety of COVID-19-related tools.
    The MU CARES All Things Missouri website has a variety of COVID-19-related tools.
  • MU CARES COVID-19 Testing Dashboard.
    MU CARES COVID-19 Testing Dashboard.

COLUMBIA, Mo. – The University of Missouri’s Center for Applied Research and Engagement Systems (CARES) has launched the COVID-19 Testing Dashboard, an online mapping and charting tool that provides a graphical look at COVID-19 testing in each state.

Testing rates and positive test rates are important indicators for the prevalence of COVID-19 in populations as states move toward easing physical distancing restrictions and allowing businesses to reopen.

In the Testing Dashboard, users can explore a number of data visualizations, including a state’s total testing rate (number of tests per 1,000 people) and its daily testing rate, which shows the average number of tests given each day per 1,000 people.

The dashboard is updated daily with data from the COVID-19 Tracking Project, a volunteer organization that aggregates information from public health authorities and other sources.

“Using these data visualizations can help address critical questions about reopening economies, supporting communities and safeguarding public health,” said Chris Fulcher, director of CARES.


The COVID-19 Testing Dashboard is part of a growing suite of resources and mapping tools from CARES looking at COVID-19 cases and related data. Visit Available tools include:

• The National COVID-19 Dashboard, which provides a snapshot of COVID-19 cases across the nation as well as vulnerability indicators for counties.

• The COVID-19 Vulnerability Footprint, which identifies communities across the nation defined as vulnerable due to high concentrations of older populations, the uninsured, and high population density.

• COVID-19 starter maps, which include hospital locations, ICU beds and ICU bed utilization; economic information such as median household income, poverty level, and households with no internet or broadband access; and demographic information such as median age and disabled population. These indicators can be compared with known COVID-19 cases and deaths.

A number of Missouri-specific COVID-19-related tools are at Among them:

• COVID-19 Interactive Report, which provides a selected set of relevant indicators, including case counts and fatalities, health care infrastructure data, and social/economic vulnerabilities. Maps and data are available for individual counties and groups of counties.

• Missouri COVID-19 Story Map, which provides an overview of the impact of COVID-19 in the state, with sections on vulnerability, mental health, employment, economic recovery and resources.

“These tools represent an innovative approach to serving and engaging with Missourians—a central part of the university’s land-grant mission,” said MU Vice Chancellor for Extension and Engagement Marshall Stewart.

For more information, contact Justin Krohn at or 573-882-5735.

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MU CARES COVID-19 Testing Dashboard.
The MU CARES All Things Missouri website has a variety of COVID-19-related tools.

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