Building Strong Families

Building Strong Families is a comprehensive and dynamic program designed to empower individuals and families with the tools, resources and support they need to cultivate strong, resilient and harmonious family units. Grounded in evidence-based practices and tailored to address the unique needs of diverse families, this program aims to strengthen the core foundations of family life. Building Strong Families is comprised of 12 different module options.

Family Empowerment Workshops

Engaging and interactive workshops covering a range of topics such as effective communication, stress management, and parenting skills. These workshops provide practical strategies for building strong family bonds and fostering a supportive environment.

  • Family Strengths
  • Balancing Responsibilities
  • Communication
  • Kids and Self-Esteem
  • Positive Discipline
  • Life Success
  • Work Success

Financial Education and Planning

Workshops and resources dedicated to financial literacy, budgeting, and long-term financial planning. Empowering families with the knowledge and skills to manage finances effectively contributes to overall family stability and security.

  • Money Matters

Health and Wellness Initiatives

Programs promoting physical and mental well-being, including fitness activities, stress management workshops, and access to health resources. A holistic approach to health is crucial for the overall resilience of families.

  • Food, Fitness, and Health
  • Stress Less, Live More
  • Home Alone - Safety for Kids
  • Healthy Homes
    • Asthma and Allergy Triggers
    • Pest Management
    • Green Cleaning
    • Indoor Air Quality

The Building Strong Families program is committed to fostering healthy family dynamics, promoting individual growth, and contributing to the overall well-being of the community. By addressing various aspects of family life, this program aims to empower families to thrive in the face of challenges and build lasting foundations for future generations.

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