The government wants what you have

Federal, state and local governments spend more than $800 billion annually on various products and services — much of which is with small business.

Government buyers are looking for what you have — quality products at competitive prices from responsible suppliers willing to participate in contracts with the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Defense Logistics Agency, Veterans Administration, General Services Administration and a host of other federal, state and local agencies.

There are literally billions of dollars in opportunities in the government marketplace.

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Take the small business advantage

Federal purchasing offices are required by the Small Business Act to “set aside” contracts or portions of contracts for exclusive bidding by small and/or minority owned businesses. Often major prime contractors are also required to subcontract a portion of their government contracts to small firms.

We’re focused on getting you results

Dealing with regulations and red tape can be frustrating. In fact, those obstacles often keep highly qualified suppliers from selling to the government.

Our mission is to assist businesses — including small, disadvantaged, veteran and women owned firms — obtain federal, state and local government contracts.

Our procurement specialists will help you identify opportunities and understand the government contracting process so you can take advantage of government sales dollars.

Daily bid matching

Missouri APEX Accelerator can help you compete for government contracts by accessing our computerized bid matching data bank.

You will be notified daily of bidding opportunities advertised in FedBizOpps, formerly the Commerce Business Daily (CBD), and some bidding opportunities less than $25,000 from major defense buying centers which are not required to be advertised. Many state and local opportunities are also provided. Missouri APEX Accelerator can also provide you with contract award information as well as press releases on major defense contracts. This information can be emailed to you, allowing timely bid preparation.

Help preparing bids

Missouri APEX Accelerator staff are ready to help you:

  • Prepare bids confidentially and accurately
  • Understand forms, regulations and specifications
  • Establish a quality assurance program
  • Conform to packing, transportation and delivery requirements
  • Evaluate financial capabilities and accounting system adequacy.

Help unraveling guidelines

Missour APEX Accelerator will help you understand the government’s expectations in:

  • Financial and accounting capability
  • Compliance with the delivery/performing schedule
  • Integrity and ethics
  • Audit practices
  • Technical skills
  • Facilities
  • Ability to meet quality standards.

Access to procurement histories

Past procurement activity can help you determine if your price is competitive in relation to previous contacts. We will supply you with the federal purchase history of your product, including information on:

  • Government agencies that previously purchased your product
  • The volume they bought
  • How much they paid
  • What firm they purchased it from for potential teaming opportunities.

Registration assistance

Our staff can assist with the various government vendor registrations that will get your company entered into numerous vendor databases and bidder’s mailing lists, thus enabling your firm to receive government solicitations or bidding documents automatically.

Certification assistance

Counselors can help determine if your business is eligible for various federal, state and local government certifications. If your business is eligible, Missouri APEX Accelerator counselors can assist you preparing the certification applications.

Personalized service

Missouri APEX Accelerator procurement specialists are prepared to help you win government contracts. Through one-to-one counseling, you will learn how the system can work for you. You will find who in the government buys your product or service and who your competitors are.

Our counselors have extensive experience and training in manufacturing, sales, finance, marketing and government procurement. They will give you personalized service designed to meet your particular needs.

Plan now to take advantage of the opportunities government contracting provides. Someone is selling to the government; that someone might as well be you!

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This APEX Accelerator is funded in part through a PTAP cooperative agreement with the Defense Logistics Agency.