The following are requirements to receive assistance from Missouri APEX Accelerator procurement specialists.

  1. Adequate financial resources. A business must have adequate financial resources (capital, loans, investors, etc.) or the ability to obtain them, to perform a government contract.
  2. Ability to meet delivery time or performance schedule. A business must be able to provide the required quantity on time as required by the contract.
  3. Satisfactory performance record. A business must have a positive past performance with commercial and/or government clients.
  4. Satisfactory record of integrity and business ethics. A business must maintain high ethical standards.
  5. Not debarred from federal contracting. A business must not be included on an excluded parties list for government contracting.
  6. Experience relating to contract. A business should have a level of experience in the field related to the contract or the ability to obtain the contract.
  7. Facilities appropriate for contract. A business must have the necessary production, construction and technical equipment and facilities, or the ability to obtain them, to perform the contract.

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This APEX Accelerator is funded in part through a PTAP cooperative agreement with the Defense Logistics Agency.