Want to expand your customer base to federal, state and local government?

The Missouri APEX Accelerator can help.

Looking for federal, state and local contracts? Finding it hard to search all those government sites?

Searching on your own can be time-consuming and frustrating. Let the Missouri APEX Accelerator’s bid matching program do the searching, and have the right opportunities sent directly to you. Missouri APEX Accelerator’s bid matching system searches thousands of government notices daily, looking for opportunities specific to your company’s capabilities.

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To ensure that you receive only those bid opportunities you are interested in, your local Missouri APEX Accelerator counselor will:

  • Craft a search profile after you submit the keywords, phrases and product codes (e.g., NSNs, PSCs, NAICS) that best describe your business’ products or services
  • Thoroughly review and fine-tune your profile to optimize search results. Common misspellings and pluralizations, wild cards, proximity statements, exclusion statements and other items are added to your search profile to produce the most accurate results possible.

You’ll then receive an email whenever new bid matches are available, linked directly to your own personal page on Missouri APEX Accelerator’s website. Here you will be able to view newly posted, personalized matches and all bid matches posted in the past 30 days.

Ask your local Missouri APEX Accelerator counselor about one-to-one counseling sessions, too, for insight on how best to approach the government market and to take advantage of any bid opportunities that come your way.

Locate a Missouri APEX Accelerator counselor near you and find out more about this unique service.

This APEX Accelerator is funded in part through a PTAP cooperative agreement with the Defense Logistics Agency.