Missouri Food and Agriculture Industry Studies

The following studies share research and information about Missouri food and agriculture industries, products and value-added projects. Funded by the Missouri Agricultural and Small Business Development Authority (MASBDA), these studies originated from efforts to explore topics that may interest a broad audience.

Through its grant programs, MASBDA also funds projects proposed by individual companies, which use the funding to produce proprietary work related to planning or expanding their businesses. These studies are the grant recipient’s property unless that business has not pursued the idea explored five years after a study has been completed. This publication shares more about MASBDA grant programs and other state and federal funding opportunities.

The following public studies may help you identify opportunities, collect information and develop ideas. You can use the insights as you build your own agricultural business.

  • Work With Us

    • Our team works with agricultural producers, businesses and other groups to conduct industry and feasibility studies, compute economic impact, develop value chain analyses and create marketing and business plans.
    • Our team prepared several studies on this page. Contact us if you’d like to partner with us on a project.

Business Conditions, Infrastructure and Markets

  • Missouri Agriculture Economic Impact

    Modern pig farm exterior in countryside
  • Show-Me Food, Beverage and Forest Products Manufacturing

    Employees checking bottled drinks in manufacturing plant
  • Agriculture, Food and Forestry Workforce Needs Assessment

    Garden team working in greenhouse
    • This study identifies workforce challenges encountered by food, agriculture and forestry employers.

  • Heartland Port Authority of Central Missouri Market Study

    Loading wheat grain into barge
    • To prepare for a new public port in Jefferson City, this study assesses markets and financial feasibility.
  • Commodity Flow and Infrastructure

    Semi trucks hauling grain to silos
  • Clearing the Path for Marketing from Farms to Institutions

    Food on serving tray
    • This study highlights pathways to consider for increasing farm-to-institution activity in Missouri.

  • Considering a Mississippi River Port Facility in Northeast Missouri

    Panorama of Mississippi River
  • Multistate Land Use Changes in the Midwest

    Aerial view of farm and countryside
    • For eight states, this report tracks land use changes and studies factors triggering those changes.
  • Container-on-Barge Service Along Missouri River

    Containers on a barge in a river
    • This study assesses whether to add container-on-barge service in Brunswick, Missouri.

  • Crystal City, Missouri Port Market Study

    Barge on Mississippi River

Crop Production and Processing

  • Viability of Expanded Fruit and Vegetable Production and Processing

    Frozen berries
    • This study considers the economics of increasing fruit and vegetable output.
  • Industrial Hemp Production, Economics, Markets and Value Chains

    Field of hemp
  • Increased Biodiesel Use in Missouri

    Fuel nozzle laying on soybeans
    • Considering a potential new fuel standard policy, this study estimates the impacts for Missouri.

  • Growing Soybean Demand: Missouri’s Net Soybean Importer Vision

    • To grow soybean demand, this report investigates markets for feed, food and industrial products.
  • The Economics and Optimal Design of Missouri Indoor Farming Supply Chains

    • Reference this publication to gather insights into evaluating the financial viability, appropriate scale and siting feasibility of indoor farms.

Animal Production and Processing

  • Missouri Dairy Industry Revitalization Study

    Cows feeding from pens
    • This report serves as a foundation for planning how to revitalize the dairy industry.
  • Next Generation of Dairy Systems

    Cows grazing in field
    • These resources educate about grazing dairies as a next-generation production model.
  • Marketing Opportunities for Niche Meat and Poultry Processors

    Employee in meat processing facility packaging meat
    • This project offers marketing ideas for processors to consider when planning their businesses.

  • Missouri Beef Value-Added Study

    Close-up of cows in field
    • An evaluation of beef opportunities explores topics throughout the value chain.

Other Value-Added Products and Markets

  • Biogas Economic and Asset Assessment

    Biogas plant behind maize field
    • This report looks into where biogas production could locate in Missouri.
  • Economic Contribution of Missouri’s Distilling Industry

    Glass of whiskey sitting on top of barrel
    • An assessment details the distilling industry’s impact through Missouri’s economy.