Ryan Milhollin
Assistant Extension Professor, Agricultural Business and Policy

Drew Kientzy
Research Analyst, Agricultural Business and Policy

Scott Brown
Associate Extension Professor, Agricultural Economics

Luke Dietterle
Extension Specialist, Division of Applied Social Sciences

Adauto Rocha Jr.
Assistant Extension Professor, Agricultural Business and Policy

Scott Poock
Associate Extension Professor, Veterinary Medicine

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Learn more about Missouri’s dairy industry trends concerning its dairy cow inventory, farms, production, prices, production economics and processing industry and how these affect the state’s economy.

Table of contents

  1. Diary Cow Inventory
    • Missouri Dairy Inventory
    • Missouri Dairy Inventory by County
    • Share of U.S. Inventory and Ranking
  2. Dairy Farms
    • Number of Farms
    • Farm and Herd Characteristics
    • Dairy Farm Operator Characteristics
    • Dairy Farm Business Structure
  3. Milk Production
    • Total Milk Production
    • Milk Production per Cow
    • Rolling Herd Averages
    • Per Capita Milk Production and Consumption
  4. Milk Prices
    • Mailbox Milk Prices
    • Missouri Milk Prices
    • Farm Cash Receipts
  5. Production Economics and Practices
    • Farm Financial Statements and Analysis
    • Net Cash Farm Income
    • Herd Management
  6. Economic Contribution Analysis
    • Overview and Methodology
    • Missouri Dairy Farms – Economic Contribution
    • Missouri Dairy Product Manufacturing Industry – Economic Contribution


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