Record keeping and financial management are important aspects of managing a farm business. The resources below from MU Extension and other Universities are provided to help you as you make management decisions.

Missouri Farm Record Book (Excel)

  • This Microsoft Excel farm record book offers the ability to track income and expenses, cash flow summary, expenses by vendor, receipts by buyer, enterprise receipt/expenses and checking account balances.

Missouri Farm Record Book (Print)

  • This record book for adult farmers was developed cooperatively by MU Extension and Ag Education. It contains receipts, expenditures, summary, and enterprise forms needed for one year of records. Print materials can be ordered through the Missouri Center for Career Education.

Missouri Farm Record Book

  • This MU Extension record book is simple and inexpensive. This farm account book is designed for aid in income tax reporting on a cash basis only.

PcMars Farm Accounting Software

  • PcMars is a full-featured accounting software designed specifically for farm applications. It can be installed as a cash basis, which is a single-entry system, or a fully accrual double-entry system.

Quicken Computer Software

  • Quicken is a popular financial software program and many farmers use this software as their farm record keeping program. Oklahoma State Extension has developed an excellent reference in its Quicken Manual for Farm/Ranch Records.

QuickBooks Computer Software

  • QuickBooks is also a very popular finance software program and is available through many retailers. Kansas State Extension has a good reference in its Farmer’s Guide to QuickBooks.

Measuring and Analyzing Farm Financial Performance

  • This publication helps you measure the financial position of your farm business and analyze how changes may improve performance. Developed by Purdue University.

Farm Financial Statements

  • This web resource help producers understand how to interpret and use common financial statements for farm businesses. Developed by Iowa State University Extension.

FAST (Farm Analysis Solutions Tools)

  • Suite of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets designed to assist those in agriculture make better decisions via user-friendly computer programs. Developed by University of Illinois.

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