• Traffic Incident Management

Traffic incidents, including crashes, disabled vehicles and debris on the road create unsafe driving conditions; put motorists and responder lives at risk; and account for approximately 25 percent of all traffic delays. The Traffic Incident Management (TIM) training program focuses on a response effort that protects motorists and responders while minimizing the impact on traffic flow. TIM efforts include detecting, verifying and responding to incidents; clearing the incident scene; and restoring traffic flow. Using a multiple discipline perspective, first responders learn how to operate more efficiently and collectively. The training covers many topics including recommended TIM procedure. Responders also learn about human behavior in highway safety to help prevent additional injuries or delays that may result from secondary crashes occurring near the initial crash site.

Continuing education units (CEUs)

  • EMS Non-Core — 8

Missouri Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST)

  • 2 hours Legal
  • 4 hours Technical
  • 2 hours Skill
Training details
  • Hours: 8
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Students: 15–24
  • Host requirements: None
  • CEUs
  • POST
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