• Swiftwater and Flood Rescue: Awareness

This classroom-based course is designed to provide participants with the necessary beforehand knowledge to safely conduct general water-based operations and search and rescue calls specific to all environments involving moving water. Compliant with the awareness level, specified by NFPA 1670 Operations and Training for Technical Rescue Incidents, this class covers equipment, training, physical requirements, pre-plan preparation, public education materials, site safety, accountability, size-up, hazard assessment procedures, utilization of the incident command system, risk versus benefit analysis procedures, and identifies what is considered to be the legal common practice in this increasingly common and dangerous environment.

Continuing education units (CEUs)

  • EMS Non-Core — 4
Training details
  • Hours: 4
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Students: 12–40
  • Host requirements: None
  • CEUs
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