• structure collapse training

This course is designed to prepare emergency response personnel with basic knowledge of shoring principals, and equipment usage to initiate rescue operations when dealing with light frame construction collapse. Topics include recognition of hazards associated with structure collapse and how to safely mitigate them, size up and scene safety, first-in officer’s responsibilities, identification of structure collapse patterns, dynamics of the collapse and secondary collapse, recognition and implementation of the FEMA Search & Rescue marking system, victim management and extrication. Students will participate in several exercises using both wood and mechanical shoring systems. This class meets NFPA 1670, Standard on Operations and Training for Technical Search and Rescue Incidents, 2017 Edition, Chapter 6.2 Awareness.

Special requirements

  • Students shall provide NFPA 1951 compliant garments, helmet, gloves, eye protection and footwear.

Host requirements

Continuing education units (CEUs)

  • EMS: EMT/Paramedic/Registered Nurse - Trauma 16 hours
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