• Hazardous materials

This awareness course is the first level of first responder certification. A first responder must be properly trained and mentally prepared when called upon to respond to a hazardous material or weapons of mass destruction (WMD) incident. This course will cover the necessary basics as well as the use of the Emergency Response Guidebook. The course meets the federal regulations as set by OSHA 1910.120, NFPA 1072 (2017 edition), and Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness (HMEP). This course is worth eight Missouri Bureau of EMS non-core CEUs.

This course is also offered online.

Missouri Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST)

  • 4 hours Technical
  • 2 hours Legal
  • 2 hours Skill

Note: POST Credit is not awarded for the online version.

Continuing education units (CEUs)

  • EMS Non-Core — 8
Training details
  • Hours: 8
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Students: 15–30
  • Host requirements: None
  • POST
  • CEUs
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